Sensational video leaked Adinarayana Reddy into huge Corruption with help of Chandrababu Naidu

AP Minister Adinarayana Reddy the famous TDP Leader was caught in a video and he was making sensational comments in that video. Few days back he was into news because of his words towards centre and stated that Union ministers will resign. After few hours he stated that that’s his personal opinion but not an opinion of TDP or those ministers.

The new video comprised the words of ADINARAYANA REDDY talking to Workers of TDP in Jammalamadugu where he stated they will get half and Rama Subba Reddy will get half of the share. These words are towards Government funds that will be released and every contract will give him half of the share for sure. Sakshi media is making this sensation and showing out how Aadi Narayana Reddy got sold out.

“I am your MLA, When ever i go out from YSRCP then i am your minister. Rama Subba Reddy ji will give us half share in every government thing. Chandrababu Naidu the Chief minister is the one who gave us this offer. 2 IAS officers were sat before Chadnrababu and this deal was done” AadiNarayana Reddy was caught red handed in this video.

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