Roja gets serious warning from YS Jagan about Pawan Kalyan’s comments?

Roja the rebel, fire star of YSRCP has been posting her serious comments on Pawan Kalyan and Bandla Ganesh the other day. Sources said YS Jagan went serious on Roja for posting her bad words on Pawan Kalyan as this is giving bad damage to YSRCP as Kapu support is hugely required for the team of YSRCP as of now.

Roja is already in discussions with YS Jagan about the same meanwhile the last night incident took her to a bigger chaos where Bandla Ganesh and she went into serious word war with in no minutes.

Roja abused Ganesh and mean while she spoke bad about Pawan Kalyan mentioning him as Vaadu, Veedu. This attitude of her is not ok for Jagan too, Pawan did not post abuses on Jagan but stated Chief Minister’s son cannot be Chief Minister just because his father is.

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