RK Nagar by poll has Millionaire to contest

The sensational By election of RK Nagar is getting gripping daily after the few names of contestants are out. A out 59 candidates are in fray for RK Nagar By election where in Seven out of them are Millionaires where in four of them are independent people.

The affidavit of Ka.Kalaikottuthayam who is contesting on the ticket offered by Naam Thamizhar Kactchi is the most richest with a net worth of Rs 16 crore. Dhinakaran is standing second to this with 5 crore worth off his amount.

AIADMK candidate E Madhusudhan stood at 3rd spot with a net worth of 5.18 crore. BJP candidate K Nagarajan is the poorest candidate fielded by a political party in RK Nagar by poll, he posted only 33 lakh rupees of his bank balance.

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