Revanth Reddy replies to KTR’s ‘Whose that’ question on him

We have already reported about the reply KTR gave to a Twitter follower when he was asked about Revanth Reddy and the answer looked like ‘Whose That’ now out of nowhere Revanth reddy wen serious and reacted to this in little harsh way.

Revanth Reddy posed few suggestions to KTR and asked him he can forget his name which doesn’t mean anything but it will be so foolish if he forgets the names like Srikanthachari and Kodandaram all the way.

“I am ok of KTR forgets my name and asks Who I am but he should not forget the people like Kodandaram and Srikanthachari who fought for the people of Telangana and brought in some excellent freedom to the land from Andhra people” stated Revanth Reddy. He also said that He never spoke ill about Minister Lakshmi Reddy ever.

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