Ram Nath Kovind to talk with 2 lakh+people at a time from Amaravathi

In a stunning experiment Ram Nath Kovind and his delegate are planning to make him talk to 2 lakh people in AP at a time. The President of India Ram Nath Kovind has got the time to visit Amaravathi on 27th of this month where in AP Government has biggest plans for him RTGS center was set for him from where he will be having a bigger video conference with lot of people.

Each and every village, town will have the screen with him and about 2 lakh people will be able to talk with him live. Lot of Panchayats are getting ready to make this happen. Secretariat central hall will be the place for him to make this program. Right from Amaravathi they are keeping connection to as many village people as possible ahead of President tour.