Rajinikanth serious comments on BJP, BJP shocked

Super star Rajinikanth has declared all about the political entry into Tamil Naidu of his soon but looks like Rajini took his dialogue ” LATE GA VACCHINA LATEST GA VASTHA ” into reality too.

Rajinikanth also posted some interesting comments on ‘National Politics’ which is surely a damage for BJP and hurting them. He also stated politicians have put out serious faces with each other under the mode of corruption. “I will give spiritual kind of rule to everyone of which everyone is going to love it for sure ” Rajinikanth states.

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He indirectly stated that Congress and BJP ruined the country in all possible ways. “Iam here for a change and lets do this” Rajini exclaimed. These comments irks BJP people and few people alredy making satirical comments on Rajini.

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