Rahul Gandhi throws #FuelChallenge to Modi

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and his fellow party leaders are celebrating the success of Karnataka Assembly elections as an achievement of defeating Narendra Modi and BJP party.

Getting into the details, Virat Kohli tweeted asking Modi to take up the fitness challenge and post a video of him working out. Modi responded to the tweet saying, ” Challenge accepted, Virat! I will be sharing my own #FitnessChallenge video soon.”

Right after Modi tweeted on the Fitness Challenge, Rahul Gandhi countered him asking to take up the #FuelChallenge and reduce the fuel prices that are on a rapid hike.

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Rahul tweeted, ” Dear PM, Glad to see you accept the @imVkohli fitness challenge. Here’s one from me: Reduce Fuel prices or the Congress will do a nationwide agitation and force you to do so. I look forward to your response. #FuelChallenge,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi.”

Looks like Rahul is leaving no opportunity to corner the prime minister and has now grabbed it to slam him for the hike on fuel prices.

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