Poonam Kaur is NOT brand ambassador of Handlooms Kollu Ravindra AP Minister says

The new update on Poonam Kaur news is so interesting. The minister of Andhra Pradesh Kollu Ravindra faces out that no one ever was made to be the brand ambassador for the state of Andhra Pradesh ever. “Not even Poonam Kaur or anyone.

She and no one else are the Brand ambassadors for Andhra Pradesh Handloom things” stated Minister when media asked him about the issue of her Ambassadoring. This took this issue into a new cause, as Kathi Mahesh asked Poonam that who made her as Brand ambassador to the state here comes various questions as why Mahesh Kathi took this issue to be centralized and irk Pawan Kalyan but nothing else.

The bigger doubt here is that if there is no one to be Brand ambassador then why Pawan Kalyan tried to promote handloom during Katamrayudu days.

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