Political Entry is just a FALSE News by Media says EX CBI JD V.V.LAKSHMI NARAYANA

Entire media surrounded this man when EX CBI JD V.V.LAKSHMI NARAYANA sent his Resignation request as Joint Additional DGP to Maharashtra government. The way the media telecasted the news is in such a way that everyone believed that soon he is going to join in a political party in ANDHRA and especially JANASENA and will contest in 2019 elections.

He attended in an award ceremony in Hyderabad and when media asked him he responded as “I did not yet decided about my future plans and there is no truth in me joining politics and this is entirely a media creation. Though many has different kinds of voice against the special status I strongly believe that National government will definitely respond positively on this.

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Media should not telecast and publish false news in such a way that hurts few groups of People. Leading a spiritual life will definitely reduce harassment’s on children and woman, for this parents and teachers should contribute a lot to bring the change from the ground level”. He concluded.

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