Police firing killed 11 during Anti-Sterlite Protest in Tamil Nadu

One again after Jallikattu, Tamil Nadu people have come together to protest against Vedanta’s sterlite copper unit in Thoothukudi which is reportedly polluting the surrounding areas. Police tried to stop the protest and prevent the mob from marching towards the sterile plant.

As per the latest reports almost 20,000 were on protest and 11 were killed, more than 30 injured in police firing. As the mob was uncontrollable, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswami is said to have ordered the police to start firing. However it turned out violent resulting in loss of lives. As a compensation to the injured and lost lives CM has announced to give Rs 10 lakhs each and assured new jobs.

The protest turned severe when the mob attacked the police throwing stones and toppling their vehicles. Cops then started lathi charge and released tear gas to prevent them from reaching the sterile plant.

As per the statement from government officials, 20,000 people processed to the district court to complain against the copper plant which eventually resulted in violence.

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