Pawan Kalyan’s TARGET on Nara Lokesh has a SHOCKING SECRET behind it!

The new outburst of Pawan Kalyan and the Janasena party over TDP and the chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu shocked so many. After the support of his through out the 4 years now Pawan Kalyan took his range to keep his issues on them. Out of everything the allegations of Corruption on Nara Lokesh and his Panchayati Raj is so shocking.

Chandrababu too gave the sudden back stop on to him for the same allegations. Here comes some interesting insight for how the way Pawan kalyan is targeting Lokesh without a proper reason. The reason according to political Analysts is quite surprising. Nara Lokesh in recent times had spoken disparagingly of Pawan Kalyan in internal meetings both at home and with NRIs.

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Lokesh at their speak with NRI meet recently in the past few months he spoke that PK is NEVER going to be a big deal or threat or back stabber for TDP which is standing tall since years. So now this may took irk for Pawan.

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