Pawan Kalyan’s Land controversy, What’s wrong with this Land’s purchase

Everything regarding Pawan Kalyan is turning out to be so controversial for its best out. Pawan Kalyan has purchased a land near Khaza village in Guntur district and he got it for 5 crores per acre… The cost of 2 acres is 10 crore as per the local rate.

The registration documents of Pawan Kalyan shows 20 lakh is under government valuation number. The TDP is questioning the same for Pawan Kalyan wherein there are different ideas as well. Admitting that the 2 acres of land was bought for 20 Lakh, the Janasena team has questioned back stating that what is wrong with buying the land at government value.

This never looks like legal but ethical… The things have gone wrong… The other way paying out other than Government value will have the black money issues and evading of taxes as well but Government price is the perfect one to purchase for.

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