Pawan Kalyan’s GUNDU story, Roja explains it now

Few years back during the regime of Johnny movie starring Pawan kalyan the GUNDU issue of Pawan is a bigger news all the time. The actress Roja took this Gundu issue once again and posted the viral comments on Power Star recently.

Recently Paritala Sunitha too gave the clear cut words of there’s nothing like that and now Roja is seeking an attention through this. Roja gave interview to a TV Channel and she posted her kind of words to the channel.

She said “It’s true that Pawan kalyan got his head tensed but its not because of Paritala Ravi but it happened in 2014 TDP friendship thing of his. People and TDP will again give him the Gundu soon in 2019” she added. This video of her is going so viral on youtube.

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