Pawan kalyan’s appeal to all Jana sainiks boycott TV9, TV5 and ABN

Jansena chief Pawan Kalyan after leaving the film chamber today continued his arrow of tweets against important heads of TV9, ABN and TV5 and stated they played cheap tricks by supporting AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and continuously arranging debates and repeatedly playing he words that Sri Reddy used on him to degrade him and his Family.

He later arranged a meeting with all the available lawyers and discussed how he can fight against them legally. In his latest tweets Janasena chief requested his fans and Janasena followers to be quiet and to maintain patience because there are chances that Srini Raju may start putting defamation cases on him and appealed not to react.

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He also stated that he is going to drag all those who are involved in this issue and will fight legally till they get proper punishment and he also stated in another tweet to Boycott TV5, ABN and Tv9 as these channels work for TDP and make business out of nudity and profanity, Making business out of a helpless sister.

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