Pawan Kalyan visits Polavaram and talks at Jana Sainik meet at Rajamahendravaram

Looks like things between Pawan Kalyan and BJP are not that great from where BJP gave out the Special Package to the Andhra Pradesh and not the considerable Special status. Now Pawan Kalyan was into the crowd from other day and he started to work out a special tour into Uttharandhra Region.

Today he visited the place of Polavaram where the crowd went gaga and show cased how they are facing problems with the Polavaram and ignored places over there. Pawan Kalyan spoke to the people o Janasena at Jana Sainik Meet at at Port Kalavani Auditorium few hours back and he stated lot interesting points.

He Trashed BJP stating that BJP is also the reason for giving out Telangana as special state from United Andhra pradesh. Today he was seen at Polavaram place and checking out what happened there from the side of Andhra Pradesh government and what let to do. He spoke to the Janasena people at Rajamahendravaram today.

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