Pawan Kalyan states NO Alliance with BJP because of Negative image of them

Power Star Pawan Kalyan announced his interest of NOT having an alliance with BJP in the coming days, especially for 2019 election. Pawan Kalyan is now the possibility of having an alliance with BJP but he stated the Negative Image of BJP is so negative and he cants put things on them at all.

He stated the allegations against him leveled by TDP Cheif Minister Chandrababu are not true that BJP is running behind Pawan Kalyan. Instead, he stated that there is no person or political party behind him but people only.

Earlier last week, Pawan Kalyan had charged the Chandrababu Naidu government with converting the state into a Corrupted Andhra Pradesh which is killing the future of Andhra Pradesh people. He warned the TDP that 2019 polls are going to be so strong and strict for sure.

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