Pawan Kalyan spending 28 Lakh for Hyderabad Janasena office alone!

Running a political party cannot be a easy and small thing for anyone. There requires lot of Office space in equal areas and it includes lot of rental issues and funds to be poured in. Janasena Head office in Hyderabad is said to be spending about 28 lakh rupees per month. About 12 people will be taking care of requirements over here.

They will be taking the directions of Pawan Kalyan and they will work accordingly. The have the chance to collect all information about Janasena’s political developments. Sources said each of them are being paid more than 1 lakh per month. Everything put together Janasena’s Hyderabad office maintenance is limited to 28 lakh rupees in a single month.

The similar way YS Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu too are doing their things often. Naidu have a group of reporters, Jagan hired Prashant Kishore to get things done till the next elections.

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