Pawan Kalyan seeks explanation from AP Government about Dalit Woman in Vizag

Pawan Kalyan goes serious on the AP Government once again where a Vizag Dalit Woman got abused and brutally assaulted regarding a Land issue in Vizag. He promised the people around her and family of her that Janasena people from Vizag are going to visit her and look after what exactly happened at that place.

Pawan asked and demanded a serious explanation from AP government and says people wants to know the answer .. “People seek an explanation from AP Govt on the Visakhapatnam incident where a helpless woman was brutally assaulted by some political leaders( as the reports say they are from TDP).

I was deeply disturbed by what I heard & saw. If the Govt doesn’t respond in the manner it has to then the outcome for sure will not be a pleasant one. Think of Rohit Vemula incident how it shook up the entire nation and request the authorities not to be mute spectators.” he wrote on her twitter wall. The DALIT woman was allegedly assaulted for demanding her land in Vizag and few TDP party leaders made this.

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