Pawan Kalyan ruined the range of TDP and Damaged, I feel sad-Chandrababu says!

Chandrababu today looked so sad going with the way Pawan Kalyan is treating him and his party of TDP. Babu looked so dull how Pawan Kalyan demanded CBI enquiry on him and his government regarding the Polavaram issue.

Though Pawan has no proofs with him as he is a kind of strong person in youth and kapu vote bank the people are believing him hugely now. This turns so interesting for the politics of Andhra Pradesh.

Chandrababu Naidu took a long Teleconference with MPs and he spoke all about the Pawan Kalyan’s allegations on the Contractors issues of his. “He is a star hero in Telugu with huge craze people might believe him and create damage to our party and thus it will affect us in coming elections for sure” stated Babu to this core thing with his MPs.

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