Pawan Kalyan response on Sri Reddy and RGV issue, Fumes on TDP and its media

Power star and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan took his twitter handle to respond on the ongoing issue and literally blasted TDP and its pro media channels TV9 and ABN hours before. The Janasena chief turned aggressive and he fumed at ruling TDP which he blamed that it collaborated with channels TV 9 and ABN.

Following are the excerpts of his tweets.

He used the headline “5 If I cannot defend the honour of my mother I better die..” and expressed his emotion regarding the Sri Reddy and RGV Issue, Questioned both of them for using such a vulgar language on her mother who is a below middle class woman who doesn’t even know have any other world except his husband and children. She is a person who never thought of doing a harm to anyone.

Now you people used such a vulgar language that no son would even like to listen even in dreams and in addition to this few TV channels repeatedly telecasted the same and conducted hours and hours of live debates. This shows the cheap character of the media people.

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He also provided few names like Nara Lokesh, TV9 Ravi Prakash involved by offering 10crores and questioned Chandrababu Naidu that how can one believe if you say you don’t think anything.

He posted a series of tweets against TDP and its media channels and expressed his emotion and anger on their cheap tricks.

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