Pawan Kalyan is still afraid of Kathi Mahesh? His Kondagattu tweet is an example?

We have already reported about the Pawan Kalyan’s new tour in the 2 states all the way. So the day one of his tour is going to be started from Karimnagar Kondagattu Anjaneya swami temple.

Kondagattu Anjaneyaswami temple is so famous in Karimnagar where Kalyan in 2009 also said to be coming out of a Accidental zone over there. I would tour across Telugu states to get people’s blessings and to study peoples problems. I’ll announce my political resolutions and strategies at Kondagattu”, posted Pawan Kalyan without any kind of date.

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The same is bigger of asking new questions ” Not seriously but Pawan is little worried about the Kathi Mahesh issue and that is why he did not give any timing or date, He is now waiting for Kathi Mahesh reaction and there is nothing from that side he is going to be announcing his further things ” stated a source from Janasena.

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