Pawan Kalyan invites Undavalli and Jayaprakash against TDP and BJP

“I invite Udavalli, Jayaprakash Narayan kind of people to come together to work against BJP. We lost the hopes on TDP and BJP here, I feel sad for not contesting in 2014 election, It’s my mistake not to bring the high voice for #janasena by not getting few seats in the previous election ..Play cards and Slogans in Parliament won’t work at all. The Special status or Bifurcation act issues need a serious concern new platform.

I am giving support to silent protest and Dharna that CPI and CPM are going to do tomorrow. As Governments are not working properly here, The NGOs, other organizations and people need to come down and fight for themselves. There is no hopes on TDP or TDP minister, MPs at all. This is the time for Andhra people to raise and awake the word given to AP in Parliament from Former PM Manmohan Singh is like a Pledge, It’s our responsibility to make the later government BJP to procure political accountability.

Janasena is a Budding party and we are fighting for the Right of Andhra Pradesh people. One should understand this is what we can do our 100% and help this issue to raise rather than questioning my standards .. Politics is all about constructive criticism, Poddunna lechina daggara nunchi andarini Pacchi boothulu tittadame Politics ante sorry kshaminchaali naaku alanti raajakeeyam teleedu .” Pawan Kalyan spoke today at Press meet on Budget 2018.

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