“Pawan Kalyan have no clarity, Chiranjeevi is better”

The former Amalapuram MP Harsha Kumar recently gave some shocking comments on Hero Pawan Kalyan and said he lacks clarity on what he says and what he deals to talk with “Pawan Kalyan never carry some positive knowledge with him.

He doesn’t even have the half-knowledge of his Brother Chiranjeevi does” Stated Harsha Kumar while speaking at a Programme in Tirupathi. Harsha also said Janasena leader Pawan have no idea when he will question what and why he will not carry any clarity for contesting in coming elections.

After the Bifurcation, Harsha got suspended from Congress Party and he was called as the Anti party guy. He, later on, wanted to contest from Samaikhyandhra Part and left it on to later on. The EX MP participated in Congres party Polavaram Meeting in Tirupathi and gave this kind of comments.

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