“If Pawan Kalyan has guts come down for a debate with me” Mahesh kathi challenge

The war words between Mahesh Kathi and Pawan Kalyan fans is not at all going on minimal grounds. The bigger issue has been going to a larger extent day by day.

Currently in a recent TV interview and debate Mahesh Kathi breathed fire on Janasena chief  Pawan Kalyan directly this time and stated that Pawan should have some guts to come down and have a debate with him. Mahesh Kathi posted personal words on Kalyan and said “He can’t even save his own wife how can he save the state of his” Mahesh took some serious points and this is irking Pawan fans now.

He also said Pawan has no common sense on things like constitutional law and democracy. He also made comments on the political style of Pawan Kalyan in a harsh manner.