Pawan Kalyan gives warning to Chandrababu and TDP through Agnyaathavaasi trailer!

The dialogue between Rao Ramesh and Murali Krishna in the trailer of Agnyaathavaasi is a one bigger comedy controversy now. During the end of Trailer ” Eedu Malli Cycle ekkuthaddantaawa varma ” says Murali Krishna while Ram Ramesh answers ” Aadu edi ekkina parledu gani manalni ekkakunda unte chalu ” is what is triggering everyone now.

“Will he ride a bicycle now?” and Rao Ramesh responds, “It doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t ride us.”is the meaning. We all know CYCLE is vote symbol of Telugu Desam Party where in Kalyan is in support to them from Many years from 2014.

Though its not a political idea of a dialogue but this is looking like little warning for TDP and Chandrababu Naidu that he has other chances to keep himself on another vehicle other than Cycle which will bend Fan or Car.

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