Pawan Kalyan clears out about his issues with Paritala Ravi

Pawan Kalyan fans are happy out there now that Pawan Kalyan cleared out about the Paritala Ravi head toning issue with their hero.

Pawan few hours back cleared out that he is no where in relation or dealing with Paritala Ravi but a family dispute went between Ravi and Nagababu but few TDP leaders took it for their own cause and created it as best rumor out of it.

” Paritala Ravi himself wrote in his autobiography that he never met me, Though TDP tried to insult me in all their ways. Still i gave support to the party just because I am the one who thinks about people everytime ” Pawan stated. ‘If caste feeling doesn’t get wiped out in Vijayawada and Guntur, We can’t see the transformation of Amaravati into a proper place to live ” said Kalyan.

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