Pawan Kalyan calls TRS MP KAVITHA as Chelli Did he lost his mind?

Power Star, Janasena President Pawan kalyan has got some new twitter post that he gave out a tweet praising TRS MP KAVITHA for protesting and questioning about Special status to Andhra Pradesh in Parliament.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Chellelu Kavitha gariki”(TRS -MP)👏👏 for her support to the people of AP regarding the “pledged words & promises“made by the centre in the Parliament at the time of state bifurcation. ” He posted on twitter and this is getting some mixed response from Pawan fans and Janasena supporters as well.

” You never posted anything when she scolded Andhra Pradesh many times and our people too but he is encouraging her political drams” wrote a comment under it. Kavitha always was against AP and she behaved odd earlier lot of times. Pawan Kalyan never responded when she scolded AP and Himself too. Looks like Kavitha and Pawan Kalyan are real politicians here.

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