Pawan Kalyan anti fans shutted their mouths on Paritala Ravi issue

There were lot of news on Pawan Kalyan from decades but the GUNDU issue from Paritala Ravi vs Pawan news is the bigger weapon for Anti fans of Pawan Kalyan in many ways to curse it over.

Pawan Kalyan’s head said to be tonsured by Paritala during a land mafia thing gone lot years back. Never replied to this Pawan Kalyan recently cleared this off in his recent meet and said he never met Paritala Ravi for tonsuring his head hair. He also mentioned Paritala Ravi in his auto biography too wrote about he never met Pawan Kalyaan in person.

This took irk of Anti Pawan Kalyan fans and now they are having no issues to deal and question him all about. The new words from Pawan are big assets for Fans of his to defend their hero.