Pawan Kalyan meets Paritala Sunitha and says he will meet Modi soon!

Power star Pawan Kalyan under his tour of Anantapur currently is giving some shocking vibes. Pawan Kalyan started to Kadiri this morning basically and he visited the house of Paritala Sunitha at Raptadu. He also got hospitality of Paritala Sriram’s welcome and they both went in. He ate breakfast with them and Pawan spoke to Sunitha on various things.

Rayalaseema drought situations are so poor and he explained the same to Paritala Sunitha. After his meet with Sunitha he met few farmers locally and also stated out that he is going to meet Prime minister Modi soon on Rayalaseema drought issues. Pawan Kalyan’s team is already under with people and farmers of Ananthapur and Rayalaseema region picking out their problems to Prime minister.

Photos –¬†Pawan Kalyan Meets Minister Sunitha in Raptadu

He also said his primary motto is to provide water for all the regions in Rayalaseema.

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