Pawan, Jayaprakash and Undavalli’s JFC is a utter plop concept? Reasons are here!

The new Fact Finding Committee JFC has been discussed among the Youth of Telugu or especially in the political media of Telugu people. Intellectual people like Jayaprakash Narayan and Undavalli Arun Kumar have joined this committee bringing a respect and belief that they are going to do something for AP.

Pawan Kalyan filed a Simple RTI application to the centre. Its not a great thing and TDP alone can do this job. RTI application is not a greater thing to do. There is nothing to hide. Center is doing nothing for AP and the reason will be Babu and TDP are silent and not coming out of NDA government in any possible case.

But JFC is not helping benefits to people in no way. The committee did never said both state and central are reason for this kind of propaganda. Thus JFC is already a failure concept.



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