Palasa MLA Syam Sunder Sivaji Legal Notice to Pawan Kalyan

During his speech at the Tekkali public meeting, Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan made allegations on Palasa MLA Syam Sunder Sivaji which has now landed him in trouble. Gouthu Shyam Sundar Sivaji who is the sitting MLA from Palasa has sent legal notice to Pawan Kalyan today.

Palasa MLA’s advocate Venkatarao came to the request of the politician stating that his client has 36 years of political experience and his family are into politics as well for 75 years but never faced an allegation. He sent a legal notice which stated, ” By giving false and baseless statement in a public meeting against my client (Gouthu Syam Sunder) and his family members, You (Pawan Kalyan) have committed a mistake. Your baseless statement damaged the image and honour of my client and his family members.”

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The Palasa MLA demands an apology from the Janasena Leader or making defamatory comments on him and his family members. Let’s see how Pawan Kalyan responds to him.

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