No more films as of now, My complete focus will be on Politics, Pawan Kalyan at Janasena press meet in Karimnagar

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan during his Chalore Chalore Chal tour in Telangana has come up with a new words regarding KCR and Telangana all the way. “What is the big deal if i join hands with KCR? Its not at all wrong i guess ” he said about his meeting with KCR. Pawan gave reason that People gave the right to KCR to rule them and he will respect people’s opinion for sure “. “I will never do any thing in prior to help KCR or any political party for that instance ” he added.

He stated that Telangana movement got started from long back where in he has all the respect for everyone in this Movement. Pawan also respond on vote for note case and stated that “I also know how its wrong to give money during election but contemporary politics are turning their own way”. Lot of Jansena people and fans of mine requested to Pawan Kalyan to enter here and give his focus on this land and for the same reason he entered Telagnana now. He also said lot of people who have tons of experience are entering into Janasena party all their own way in Telangana.

Photos – Pawan Janasena Press Meet in Karimnagar

Moreover Kalyan also said both the places AP & Telangana will be dealing with various challenges in their own style. Pawan Kalyan also stated that he is not going to utter his stand unnecessarily on people’s problems at all.  “I will not do films as of now my pure focus is only on politics ” stated Pawan Kalyan in press meet.