Narendra Modi to speak about Naidu, Sr NTR Backstabbing at Parliament today or tomorrow!

Narendra Modi is finally on to the track and the sources said he is going to talk in the parliament today. But the total focus on him is going to be on Chandrababu today, Narendra Modi and BJP has been skipping all about the way for No Confidence Motion in the Parliament from the past few days.

Out of the TRS MPs going into vell and AIADMK MPs making things tough for the Speaker to have a debate on No COnfidence motion now the Modi finally decided to have something positive from his side.

Modi will be taking his own way to target Chandrababu Naidu first later on Jagan and later on Rahul Gandhi and finally on CPI – CPM who possessed for putting in No confidence motion at the Parliament. Modi himself is going to talk about the No confidence issue in the parliament today or tomorrow for sure. He is going to DIG at Babu right from the days of Sr NTR and will push all the things to speak on.

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