Nara Lokesh reaction against Pawan Kalyan allegations on him and CBN

If you are carefully following the news channels and social media from past 10 days one could observe that there are many things going around and a small interview of a lady Sri Reddy who just acted in two low budget flop movies in a YouTube channel led to a political war between the ruling party TDP and an upcoming party JANASENA.

After all the twists and turns and reactions from everyone finally here comes one more big head Nara Lokesh of TDP. Janasena chief started allegations on him on his party at 4th anniversary meeting and many Politicians from TDP strongly condemned Pawan Kalyan allegations but never Lokesh reacted on this.

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Today just a few minutes back Nara Lokesh took his twitter handle to express his opinion. “Respected Pawan Kalyan, I was deeply hurt with your words. Previously also you made many allegations on me and later concluded that someone told it to you. There will be lot of hard work to earn a clean character. I am not that kind of a guy to drag a person in an issue simply by listening someone words. Time will bring all the facts in front of people but I will always have utmost respect on you” tweeted Nara Lokesh.

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