NAMO app Stealing all the personal information of Indian Citizens, Biggest fraud ever?

The shocking things are being linked to the NAMO app of this country where Prime minister himself has some Application and he is asking the citizens of the country to make them register with it. Modi started this app in 2015 June wherein Namo App has got interesting insights for any kind of citizen. Modi always at his meetings and other places he insisted the people download it for sure.

Almost 50 lakh Play store downloads were done through this app already. There went some sensational things about this almost 22 stages the app will ask you permission to grab out all the personal information of the user. RIght from the User location to Cellphone memory photos, Camera, Microphone and all.

Smartphone memory card information is not withheld for apps but Namo app wants and asks everything. There have a chance to everyone who is maintaining this app to some unknown third party where the information is being stolen by them. France Cyber safety researcher Illiat Aldur stated that this is all a big fraud and they are stealing the data.

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