Naidu’s new Asthram on Pawan Kalyan ‘3 Wives’

Now after all the issues that Pawan Kalyan has been baring politically now the new issue got raised because of the 3 Marriages one. Janasena Cheif Pawan Kalyan who has been supporting TDP and BJP for the past 4 years that is from 2014 has now become a shocking barrier in all the issues for Chandrababu.

So now CBN looks like bringing new things and chances for TDP thammullu … Right now, Pawan Kalyan stands the highest taxpayer among Tollywood heroes and there has been no corruption charges against him. Moreover, he has extensively been participating in various social activities.

So this cant makes them pull the dust on so they are going to bring out the facts about Pawan Kalyan’s Private Life… Now let’s see how Janasena is going to face this and answer in the style of power star. TDP for the coming days is interested to spread a lot about Pawan Kalyan and his 3 Wives issue on their whining media.

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