Naidu making fools of Andhra People? Look at his talk with National media!

Chandrababu Naidu is known for his Delhi tour and doing all the rounds with his best means. Chandrababu along with Sujana and all the other MPs are meeting various people and picking out chances to do their Politics in Delhi with the best momentum.

Chandrababu Naidu meanwhile is having some secrets out and he the other day with media stated that “Just because BJP pulled in and is supporting some stupid parties we are out of NDA” He gave out the word with Media. Looks like the stupid party is none other than YSRCP.

But when the days they came out NDA a few weeks back Babu declared out that they are just because out for the “NDA not accepting the Reorganisation promises and Special status to AP more over nothing has been given to AP in the previous budget” Chandrababu Naidu now gave his shocking reason and everyone are unacceptable with this behaviour in Delhi. Is he making fools for once saying its for AP people and now for NDA being close with Jagan and YSRCP?

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