“My opinion differs from Rajinikanth’s,” Kamal Haasan about Anti-Sterlite Protest

Superstar Rajinikanth spoke to media few days ago and shared his opinion on the Anti-Sterlite Protest that took place in the last month. He stated that attacking the collector’s office and setting fire of the Sterlite quarters were not the actions carried by common man but some anti-social group.

Kamal Haasan who was on his way to a personal meeting with the newly elected Karnataka Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy, talked to the press and said that his opinion differs from the superstar’s.

Kamal quoted, “If those who attacked the Sterlite quarters are called anti-social elements then I am one of them. Protesters cannot be termed as anti-social as protesting is a healthy way to demand the government for justice. Rajinikanth has an opinion and mine differs from him on this issue.”

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Both the actors took the stand to demand the government for a solution to the Cauvery issue and their opinions were no different. They stated that Modi’s government would have done justice to the people of Tamil Nadu but they feared losing in the Karnataka elections if they had brought out the justice.

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