Murder Plans on Pawan Kalyan if he fights for Special status, Shocking secret revealed

The controversial writer, director, actor Posani Krishna Murali is always into politics as well. He was seen often supporting one or the other party or leader. The actor is also known for working his guts of politics for Jagan Mohan Reddy few times. Now he has been giving suggestions to Pawan Kalyan and his future in politics.

Pawan Kalyan is currently into the issue of building his house in 2-acre land and when asked about the same Posani stated that he has the chance to build 100 crore house too. Posani stated that Pawan is not the one who should sit on the fast to die for the state of AP ” Pawan need not sit what crime he did? I suggest him not to take any fast because the culprit politicians might also plan to kill him for political gains of theirs.

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The leaders are always into such procure things and won’t even look after what is happening in the state and for the people. I suggest him not to put any risk into his life he has lot future ” he ended.

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