How much Package did Pawan got from MODI and BJP?

The Power Star and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is now emerging as super hit hero on Social media platforms after his new speech against to TDP at formation day meeting in Gunutr. He used to support TDP and BJP alliance from the year 2014 wherein Pawan Kalyan currently made out the things and put his serious questions on the ruling party.

Kalyan clearly made out the happenings and see how TDP is reacting to the same. The TDP cabinet ministers took the words seriously on Kalyan and they said Baseless allegations were put on Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh.

Telangana TDP member Mothkupalli Narsimhulu asked Pawan Kalyan how much package did the Star hero took from BJP or Modi to push the allegations on TDP and Nara Lokesh.

On the other TDP people trending #2pendrivesforpk in Twitter and spreading that CBI officials got two pen drives of Pawan Kalyan which has personal information in it.

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