Modi’s Gujarat getting positive exit polls for BJP

The Gujarat Election has become one bigger discussion in this country right now, Being Modi’s own state the place is considered as best challenge for in this situation of GST and Bigger notes eradication.

Looks like the Major part of Exit polls are giving out positive reviews to Modi’s government BJP to win again in the land of Gujarat. BJP has been in power in this state for more than 20 years where in it is prestigious state for Modi to win it.

The following are the exit polls of various surveys . (First one BJP – Second one Congress)

India today 99-113, 68-82.

Axis 107-74.

Sahara Samay 110-120, 65-75.

VDPA 142-37.

ABP 91-99, 78-86.

Republic 108-74.

Today’s Chanakya 135-47.

Timesnow 109-70.

India News 110-120, 65-75.

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