Modi talks in parliament about Andhra Pradesh, Slams congress

In parliament today Modi started talking about various points and he raised the issue of Andhra Pradesh as well. Firstly he took the name of Sardaar Vallabhai Patel and stated that if Sardaar was the one who became first Prime minister of this country he would not have allowed the Kashmir to divide from the Indian states.

Modi in Lok Sabha spoke on debate motion of Thanks to the president. Modi blamed Congress for partition of Kashmir and other things. He stated that Rajiv Gandhi in 1982 insulted the Dalit Andhra CM. TDP MPs sat in their seats during Modi started his speech.

He wanted to rake up a 1982 incident when then Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi allegedly insulted Dalit Andhra CM Tantuguri Anjaiah in front of supporters.He said BJP is doing their best in support of AP and one should not tell them what to do. “TDP came out just because CONGRESS insulted them,” said Modi.

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