Modi is planning to irk Babu with CBI cases soon? Sensation coming on

Looks like Modi is concentrating much on Chandrababu Now? After Jagan Mohan Reddy already facing the CBI probe now is it time for Chandrababu to face the same. The recent words of Union ex-minister, Congress leader Chintha Mohan the things are going too fishy now.

He stated that Modi asked the Polavaram heads to detail out about the Polavaram Corruption and if this issue goes seriously Chandrababu will be locked by Modi with CBI support. Chandrababu is currently a clean leader of the country with not many problems legally.

Now this kind of rebel attitude from him to come out of NDA might be giving shocking revelations so Modi might be looking into Polavaram corruption contractors issue so this might lead Chandrababu into the new victim of CBI in Ap.

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