Modi calls Rahul Gandhi as Aurangajeb Now

Pappu tag looks like so old for Rahul Gandhi now as the new tag is getting so popular in no time for him. Rahul Gandhi is always been taken a dig at him by Modi where Modi took some new coined name for Rahul Baba now. Congress leaders are those who gave some kind of lead to Modi giving such a interesting Tag for him.

BJP Leaders were always asking about Dynasty of politics and now Rahul Gandhi going to be President of Congress party soon the criticism seems only to intensify. Congress leader Mani Shanker Aiyar, in a bid to justify their election of Rahul gandhi for sure He stated that “After Jahangir Shahjahan came and any election was held? No, After Shahjahan Aurangazeb is the one who will be the leader but no election will be held” said the famous Congress Leader and this indirectly accepted that Sonia is doing Dynasty politics now.

Modi was very quick to retaliate on this. He gave his own kind of serious punches to Congress. “We don’t want the Rule of Aurangajeb at all” stated Modi.

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