Another Minor Girl from Dachepalli raped and impregnated by TDP Member

A rape incident of a minor girl was reported on Saturday in Dachepalli of Guntur, the same place where a 9 year old was raped by a 55 year old man a month ago.

SK Mahaboob Ali, a former MPTC from Guntur had reportedly been forcing the 15 year old girl for sex for the last four months. When the girl was taken to hospital after she fainted. Doctors confirmed that the minor has been pregnant for three months.

A group of members from Congress party protested against the accused at Gurazala hospital claiming that Mahaboob is a member of Telugu Desam Party.

The girl’s father filed a complaint against Mahaboob after the girl revealed her problem to her sister. Mahaboob is said to have offered her some money and even threatened to kill her incase she tells anyone about him.

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