Lokesh calls Pawan Kalyan on his personal number and spoke 20minutes

Nara Lokesh vs Pawan Kalyan has been going on wonderfully at the juncture of Political war at Andhra Pradesh state. Telugu Desam party vs Janasena has turned on to very much viral and heat all the way. The public meeting in Guntur that happened on March 14th has got great norms and it put bigger issues between TDP and JSP.

Allegations of Corruption were laid on Son of Chandrababu Naidu Nara Lokesh .. Nara Lokesh ‘s close sources stated that Lokesh has called Pawan Kalyan and they both spoke about these Panchayath raj allegations of corruptions more than 20 mins.

They have tried to explain each other about how things will work in politics.Lokesh cleared out that he doesn’t want to put the knife against to Janasena or Pawan Kalyan who supported them in the previous election. But the things went so speculated in few minutes and they were not on the proper side. Let’s see how this issue will be going on…

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