Lakshmi Parvathi tells big Secret: NTR got Paralysis that night, Hari Krishna tried to stop our Marriage

Lakshmi Parvathi the famous politician, wife of Sr NTR started revealing about her past with Sr NTR and how they both got together. Lakshmi said one-day NTR’s Sugar levels got too far and they went to 450 number.

” He also attacked with Paralysis all the way. I was beside him and helped him a lot. I am there for him to serve and give him my best. We were not married at that time. After this scene, NTR wanted me in his life and he asked me to marry him.

Before the Tirupathi meet he requested me for marriage and took me onto the stage. NTR never wanted to get me married to him secretly. Hari Krishna and Rama Krishna were against to our marriage and even tried to stop ” she revealed in a recent interview. She also said just because of her service NTR was back to his conscience and made his health finer.

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