KTR revealed CBN’s plan toward’s Nandamuri Family..!

Nandamuri Suhasini, daughter of Nandamuri Hari Krishna has been recently campaigning for the Telangana elections. KTR had compared Suhasini against Lokesh during his recent speech. KTR in his speech said that Chandra Babu Naidu was trying to distance the Nandamuri family from Politics. He compared the position given to Lokesh with that given to Suhasini. He said that cunningly CBN had placed his son Lokesh as an IT Minister by giving him MLC seat. But when it came to Nandamuri Daughter, KTR said that CBN had given her the chance to contest from Kukatpally Constituency. KTR said that CBN did this intentionally and knowing well that TDP is not strong in that constituency and that Suhasini has no experience in it. He added that by doing so, even her brothers Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR could not enter the politics. He went on saying that this shows his conspiring attitude towards Nandamuri Family. He also told that Suhasini was being made Scape goat by giving her the losing Constituency. He ended his speech asking the public to vote for Madhavarm Krishna Rao and by this he had assured the development of Kukatpally.