KONDA stood before TRS storms for Pilot to land safely in Tandoor…!

Counting of votes had started yesterday and at the beginning itself, the car started to race towards the winning with a great start. As time went, the members of the Mahakutami started to drop off the rope of victory. Even in the Ranga Reddy District, the situation seemed to be the same. When it comes to the Taanduru constituency, on one side stands Mahendar Reddy who was the MLA in that constituency for 20 years. While on the other side, there stands a 33-year-old Pilot Rohith Reddy contesting from Congress. Almost everyone was sure that the victory might stand on the side of Mahendar Reddy. But contrary to that and surprising to everyone, Pilot Rohith Reddy won in this constituency. Even his own party members had to get surprised by such result. The whole and sole reason behind his victory are known to be the strong support he had from Konda Vishweshwar Reddy.

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, who had left the TRS party and had joined the Congress, has put lots of efforts using all his experience in politics in letting Rohith attain the victory. He had faced numerous allegations along with many more threats from the party he had left. Even the rivals fired on him saying he was going to contest. After all these hurdles, Konda Vishwehwar Reddy was always undulating. He always stayed as support to Rohith Reddy and had played a very crucial role in his victory. On the other side, even Rohith had taken all the valuable suggestions from Konda Vishweshwar Reddy seriously and had carefully implemented them. By this Rohith had attained great support from the public also. Even at the time of polling, Vishweshwar Reddy received various threats from MIM party leader Aadi and his goons. But Vishweshwar Reddy immediately informed the police and had placed a full stop to their games. Vishweshwar Reddy had campaigned along with Rohith and as there must not be any injustice to the public which believes in them, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy had helped Rohith by himself to attain the victory.
There need not be any explanation given regarding VIshweshwar Reddy in Ranga Reddy district. Being a popular leader, the public rushed to his public meeting as it might not, in case of any other leader to show their support to him. By looking at his increasing support, the TRS members have started to drag their puppets to media in order to allege false allegations towards Vishweshwar Reddy, saying that he was asking them to join Congress. However, their false statements never got any proofs to be proven true. But Vishweshwar Reddy having complete belief towards the discrimination of the public had left this issue to the public and had concentrated over his victory. Rohith Reddy’s young blood and Vishweshwar Reddy’s experience together lead to the defeat of Mahendar Reddy. The defeat of 20 years experienced MLA cum Minister in the hands of a young blood like Rohith Reddy would only be possible with the help of Vishweshwar Reddy. It is clear that the selfless efforts of Vishweshwar Reddy along with his honesty were the only factors that lead to Rohith’s Victory.