KCR’s sentiment SURVEY is a Failure always, Will the new idea work?

Telangana CM KCR announced his new plans already for 3rd front and this thing has the lead interesting revelation on Social media. West Bengal CM Mamatha Banerjee, Jansena chief Pawan Kalyan, and other National leaders are seeing to support KCR in the new move of his.

The conglomeration of regional parties forming a front will be definitely welcomed in the states that feel they are neglected by national parties. This will lead things on an interesting part and Telangana CM has got some Survey reports as well. There are several instances when KCR’s reports have gone wrong. 2009 general elections have gone same with and TDP, Communists and other parties. It was actually kind of 3rd front.

After the elections were over and before results were announced TRS chief took U turn and ditched the third front for NDA. He predicted neither the 3rd front nor the UPA will form the government. Everyone thought believing KCR that NDA or 3rd front will work with UPA came into power thundering with the huge majority.

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